Chicago Rope

About Us

Chicago Rope is an organization dedicated to education on communication through and about rope bondage. We aim to provide not just a solid technical foundation for tying but also access to tools and knowledge for cultivating intentional relationships. We facilitate discussion of how cultural, personal, and social contexts, including experience, background, and identity, affect and are affected by the practice of rope bondage. We seek to empower our students to understand and evaluate their choices, actions, and impact.

Chicago Rope takes an explicitly multidisciplinary approach to practicing and teaching rope bondage. We are influenced by a wide range of other somatic disciplines, including various forms of dance and martial arts. We approach rope bondage critically, drawing on a diverse group of intellectual traditions to understand and contextualize the practice. We create space for our students to bring their own knowledge and experience into learning and adapting the skills we teach.

We want to build a community that is both accessible and inclusive. We encourage, listen to, and respond to feedback. We turn no one away for lack of funds. We share our published written material under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license.

Our Events

We offer a four-class Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage. This course is designed to get brand new beginners quickly started with using rope for play while building the toolkit to move into intermediate-level classes such as The Chicago Rope Dojo.

Chicago Rope Dojo

The Chicago Rope Dojo is an ongoing series of regular training sessions for intermediate to advanced students. The topics covered are different each session and include technical, interpersonal, and cultural aspects of Japanese rope bondage. Like other forms of dojo training, Rope Dojo sessions build on each other but can also stand alone as individual classes.

Common Ground

Common Ground is a studio event focusing on the relational elements of rope and community. It is a collaborative space designed to bring together different experiences, perspectives, and approaches. Common Ground is a great place for those who are curious about rope bondage to meet our community, see how people tie, and ask questions or discuss topics related to rope bondage.

Intensives and Other Events

We also organize special events, including weekend intensive workshops that offer an opportunity for a small group of students to work in more depth. Look for these and other educational offerings from Chicago Rope in the future. We are always working to improve the quality of the education we offer and to better serve our community.