Bottoming Education

at chicago Rope

 We believe that partnered rope scenes should be conversations, not monologues

Monthly Bottoming Classes

When the overwhelming majority of rope education is only targeted towards people who tie, the implicit message is that this is the only perspective that matters.  At Chicago Rope, we believe that partnered rope scenes should be conversations, not monologues. Therefore, at each of our monthly events, we offer one class focusing primarily on skills applicable to those who tie and one class focusing on skills applicable to those who are tied. Our bottoming education track will always feature lead instructors who are highly experienced in rope bottoming and who will be teaching material targeted towards the skills for being in rope.

Rope Bottoms' Roundtable

The Rope Bottoming Roundtable is an inclusive, unstructured discussion forum for those of all experience levels, from brand new to more experienced, and all gender identities, sexual orientations, and bodies. Come talk with our bottoming instruction staff, ask questions, and connect with the wider community in a bottoms-only space. This group will meet once per month at a time TBA.

Bottoming Education




Jei has been in the rope community since 2012, traveling back and forth between Italy and Chicago. Her main wish is to help bottoms to take agency, and fully express their selves through rope bottoming. She co-facilitates Chicago Rope's bottoming educational track and is always trying to improve her own skills.



MedullaOblongata dove into the rope scene headfirst in early 2014, after what was supposed to be a casual scene showed her the dizzying highs and intense connections that could be made through rope. She combines her thorough knowledge of anatomy with her appreciation for technical details in order to educate, primarily in the area of rope bottoming. She’s had the privilege of tying with and learning from many skilled rope tops, and applies what she has learned to help people learn to make their rope scenes better, from the top or bottom. As you can tell from her website address,, she also appreciates bad puns.



ADelightfulPain is a bottom who discovered rope about three years ago. Aside from her growing love of sadistic ties and predicament bondage, she enjoys actively encouraging bottoms to find their voice. She has recently begun presenting more widely, offering her knowledge and perspectives and connecting with rope bottoms in other communities.

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