Chicago Rope

Self Tying and Switching

August 12, 2018

Try some new roles in rope this August at Chicago Rope!


Hogtie yourself!

12:30-2pm (doors open at 12:00pm)

Looking to have fun all by yourself? Self-tying can be used for artistic expression, rope practice, meditation, to create a challenging position, and much more. In this class, Vitrify will introduce one of their favorite self-ties, the hogtie, and talk about tips and tricks to safely get the most out of a solo-scene. No previous tying experience is required for this hands-on class. Just bring yourself and at least 2 lengths of rope (ideally one 30ft and one 15ft, more for more decorative opportunities). The studio has several thick mats, however we’ll be rolling around on the floor so a personal blanket or mat may be preferred!

Switch it Up!


Good rope doesn’t always require a strictly defined top and bottom. In this class, Apikoros and Vitrify explore how we can play with roles. Learn how to communicate in playful, unpredictable scenes and see what can be gained by trying a new side of rope. No previous tying experience is required for this hybrid discussion and hands-on class. Please bring at least two lengths of 8m or 30ft rope for this class.




Vitrify is a non-binary sadomasochistic rope switch that specializes in improvisational silliness and self-ties. They’ve been pursuing rope-related antics in Chicago since 2014. As a Chicago Rope staff member, they’ve led discussions on gender and rope, participated in our bottoming education programs, and are assisting with our Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage Course.



Apikoros is a queer switch with a penchant for rough-n-tumble play. When they tie, they prefer to keep things simple in order to focus on the conversation that’s going on and to better recognize the right response for the right moment. In teaching rope, Apikoros draws on their experience tutoring, coaching fencing, and teaching capoeira. Outside of kink, they study the intersections of queer theory, disability studies, and digital media. Apikoros is a founder and director of Chicago Rope.