Chicago Rope

Community Building Class with Addie Tahl


Mar 16 2020


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm




Outerspace, Sun Studio
1474 N Milwaukee Ave

This class came about as the result of a series of discussions about collaboration and active participation, issues around power and influence, successes and learning experiences, and why and how we do what we do. It has since evolved into a manifesto of sorts, one that asks for individuality and empowerment. How might we (re)structure the way we self-describe, prioritize, interact as individuals and social groups in order to grow a positive and constructive community, on whatever scale? This class offers concrete, practical methods by which individuals and groups (whatever their relationship to rope) can actively engage in a collective centered on healthy interactions, positive growth, and empowerment.

There will not be a Fundamentals class on March 16. Instead, we will be hosting a community building discussion and class with Addie Tahl from Vancouver from 7pm-10pm. This event will be held in conjunction with our spring intensive series with Barkas & Addie. While we encourage everyone enrolled in the Fundamentals course to also attend the discussion, it is not a required part of the course.