Chicago Rope

Bad Kitty Bondage

April 8, 2018

Come out and play with Chicago's favorite Bad Kitties!


Circulation, Nerves, and Joints

12:30-2pm (doors open at 12:00pm)

The human body. All of us have one, but sometimes it seems we need to be anatomy experts when we start getting that mysterious tingle in our hands. Is that a nerve? Or is circulation being cut off? Should we be worried?

Dont panic! MedullaOblongata has braved the cadaver labs so that you dont have to. Let her guide you through the basics of functional anatomy and some practical tips on discerning the difference between nerve and blood vessel compression, how to protect your joints, and suggestions for dealing with injury (and avoiding it in the first place). Bottoms will have a better idea of good rope placement for their particular bodies, how to assess different situations and communicate them to their tops, and will have an overall better understanding of their body to become better advocates for themselves.

This class is designed for laypeople, prior knowledge of anatomy is not required or expected.

Hoppin' and a Squeelin' Good Time! Frog-ties and Hog-ties for everyone!


This class covers some basic frog and hog-ties that draw from both western style damsel in distress bondage all the way to Japanese shibari. Participants will need 5 – 6 pieces of rope. Knowing how to tie a single column and frictions is required.


Bad Kitty Bondage

Kat and Dhyana have been tying and performing together as Bad Kitty Bondage since 2013. Kat has been tying privately since her mid teens and publicly since 2012. While Dhyana started out primarily as a rope bottom in many of the BKB projects, she soon began tying after the duo made BKB official. Now we both share the primary rigging and photography roles. In 2016 we asked our good friend and bad ass rope bottom MedullaOblongata to be part of our group. She dove into the rope scene headfirst in early 2014 and started tying with Kat not too long afterwards.

Our influences come from both Japanese and Western styles of rope bondage with our tying style gravitating towards asymmetry, imperfection, and fluidity while maintaining practical and functional forms. Kat and Dhyana are both kinda sadistic so don’t be surprised if we throw in some sadistic side notes and advice in our classes as well.

As a group we have presented at both local and national events, done rigging for film, and have participated in a number of live bondage performances. Our classes have included topics ranging from basic to advanced shibari forms, rope bottoming, suspension, and impact play. We enjoy being silly and sharing our fun and sometimes quirky tying style with people in the community.

Medulla Oblongata

MedullaOblongata dove into the rope scene headfirst in early 2014, after what was supposed to be a casual scene showed her the dizzying highs and intense connections that could be made through rope. She combines her thorough knowledge of anatomy with her appreciation for technical details in order to educate, primarily in the area of rope bottoming. She’s had the privilege of tying with and learning from many skilled rope tops, and applies what she has learned to help people learn to make their rope scenes better, from the top or bottom. As you can tell from her website address,, she also appreciates bad puns.