Chicago Rope

Of Wolfe and Pig

February 11, 2018

Chicago Rope is pleased to welcome Alice and Billy for their teaching debut in Chicago! 


Letting Go Without Losing Yourself: Emotional Processing as a Bottom

12:30-2pm (doors open at 12:00pm)

Most bottoming classes deal with the physical experience of rope bondage. While these active bottoming techniques are very helpful, this class focuses more on the emotional experience of rope bondage demoed during a difficult transition sequence. We’ll discuss a bottom’s decision-making process involving what and how to communicate with their top, and also touch on emotional activation during rope bondage. Learn techniques for staying present not only physically but mentally. This is a lecture and demo class that does not require a tying partner.

Tengu Karada


This unique tie is a diamond-pattern, suspendable, tengu-position body harness. It has been extensively developed to ease tension on the arms, lessen worry of nerve-damage, be adaptable to many different body types, and be suitable for dynamic suspension. Some basic knowledge of single columns, hojo cuffs, various frictions, and keeping tension will be required to be successful with this tie. This is a chest-loading harness so be ready for some moderate breath play when loaded!


Alice & Billy

Alice Wolfe is a trans femme rope top currently based in the MidWest. She likes chaotic rope, vegan pizza, and beating people with billy clubs. She believes that intentional bodyhandling can intensify the power exchange and sadism involved in rope bondage.

Billy is a rope enthusiast and power bottom active in the Midwest since 2011. They are an advocate for inclusive bottoming education, and enjoy masochism, emotional vulnerability, and queering the rope scene.

Together they make a fuzzy kind of rainbow thing that provides perspective from both sides of the slash.