Chicago Rope


July 8, 2018

Chicago Rope's TK LAB returns this July with content for both tops and bottoms!


TK LAB 1: The Tie

12:30-2pm (doors open at 12:00pm)

The TK (aka gote or box tie), is one of the most iconic ties in Japanese rope bondage. Although it is best known as the classic tie for full suspensions, its components make up the foundation of a wide variety of ties. Developing a stable and well-tensioned TK is an important step towards moving into more advanced topics and eventually full suspension classes and intensives.

This lab-style event breaks from Chicago Rope’s normal class structure by providing students the opportunity to get detailed instruction and feedback on their TKs in small groups working closely with Chicago Rope Staff Instructors. We’ll start out with an assessment of each student’s current gote and then break into groups which might focus on a two-rope gote, three rope variations, and potentially even some suspension prep material. No matter what your level, you are sure to get something useful out of this lab.

TK LAB 2: Bottoming


Although the TK is one of the most popular patterns in all of Japanese rope bondage, it is also one of the riskiest and most challenging for those being tied. In Part 2 of our TK LAB, Chicago Rope Staff Instructors ADelightfulPain and Vitrify will discuss how those in rope can communicate about and navigate the intrinsic difficulties of this pattern. No rope-bottoming experience is necessary, however, if you would like to be tied, a tying partner with some gote/box tie/chest harness knowledge is ideal, so be sure to pop in to part one of our TK Lab! Together, we’ll learn how to get the most out of our TKs, no matter our level!