Chicago Rope

Ash Friday & Apikoros

June 10, 2018

Learn how to end scenes - or make them last longer - this month at Chicago Rope.


Sustainability in Rope

12:30-2pm (doors open at 12:00pm)

In rope, we’re often asked to push our flexibility, endurance, and comfort. How do we bring awareness of not just our limitations but also our strengths, desires, and goals to this process? What are empowering ways to talk about ourselves that can lead to mutually satisfying and fulfilling play? In this class, we’ll put sustainability first and explore what fuels us in-scene. AshFriday will draw on their experience with disability and fatigue to discuss learning to work with the body you live and breathe in. If we’re burnt out on a specific tie, nursing an injury, or at the end of a long event, we can still play creatively. Rather than starting from patterns and accommodations, Ash will discuss how we can identify the poses and parts of our bodies that respond well to prolonged attention with rope and work forward from there. Together, we’ll talk about how rope can be a fulfilling part of our lives, even at times when we’re not feeling our best. This class is appropriate for all levels, and will not cover content focused on suspension.

Wrapping it Up: Creative Ways to End Rope Scenes


In this class, Apikoros will discuss one of the least-discussed topics in rope bondage: ending a scene. They’ll address external structures that can be imposed on rope scenes such as sex and other kinds of play as well as less well-defined situations where a scene might end in a more organic fashion. Apikoros will address technical concerns in untying, offer tips and tricks to wrap up some common patterns, and lead the class through exercises designed to help us articulate what is most important in ending scene. Expect to walk out of this class with new ideas and clearer vision of how you want your scenes to end.




Ash is a proud professional pervert who’s taught adult sex, kink, and health education since 2012, though they’ve been in the industry even longer. They live for the places where the strange and fantastical meet practical concerns, and constantly explore how the most mundane and unexpected parts of our identities can have concrete impact on how we play. Ash attends school for psychology with a focus on gender and disability studies and (in their spare time) investigates the influence of -isms, constructive and harmful. Ash works in some of Chicago’s longest-standing kink & sex-positive spaces and has taught at a range of events from Dark Odyssey, Bound in Boston, Twisted Tryst, and Chi-Fi to various schools, stores, and private events.



Apikoros is a queer switch with a penchant for rough-n-tumble play. When they tie, they prefer to keep things simple in order to focus on the conversation that’s going on and to better recognize the right response for the right moment. In teaching rope, Apikoros draws on their experience tutoring, coaching fencing, and teaching capoeira. Outside of kink, they study the intersections of queer theory, disability studies, and digital media. Apikoros is a founder and director of Chicago Rope.