Chicago Rope

Ronin & ADelightfulPain

March 11, 2018

Spend an afternoon with two local favorites


Body Awareness in Rope

12:30-2pm (doors open at 12:00pm)

Body awareness is a key component of all of our rope experiences. In this class, we’ll explore the body mechanics of bottoming, learn how to better understand our emotional responses to physical stimuli, and look at ways to more effectively communicate what we are experiencing to our partners. The hands-on portion of this class will include exercises designed to improve your overall awareness and communication. This is an all-levels, all-bodies class where an introspective learning mindset is encouraged. We also recommend bringing something to take notes with and a tying partner to practice with. 

The Rope Toolbox


Many of the most important and iconic ties in Japanese style rope bondage can be broken down into a few fundamental units. In this class, we’ll improve your handling and flow with the most common hitches. Together we’ll explore all the components of what makes a tie work with some free form exercises to help us become more fluid with our rope handling. We’ll finish off by putting everything together in a Hojo-Hishi, a pattern which includes just about every standard friction you might encounter in the wild. By breaking down this tie into its parts, students will have a firmer grasp as to how these tools can work in conjunction to build strong stable ties, and improve their own ability to identify and improvise structures in patterns of their own.


Ronin & ADelightfulPain

–Ronin– is Chicago born and raised. Beginning his kink journey in 2013 has quickly developed an immense passion for rope bondage and rough body play. He enjoys creating scenes that are both physically and mentally engaging using his personal/educational background and drive for learning about topics on anatomy, sports science, and martial arts.

ADelightfulPain is a bottom who discovered rope about three years ago. Aside from her growing love of sadistic ties and predicament bondage, she enjoys actively encouraging bottoms to find their voice. She has recently begun presenting more widely, offering her knowledge and perspectives and connecting with rope bottoms in other communities.