Chicago Rope

Intention and Communication

May 13, 2018

This month, Jei and StabStabStab present two classes that will help you connect with your partners better!


Setting Intention

12:30-2pm (doors open at 12:00pm)

In this class, Jei will help us understand what we mean when we talk about “connection.” Shifting our focus towards communication, we will learn about – and practice – the core values we need to build a good scene. We will learn language that will help us identify and talk about what we’re looking for in a scene, and talk about what it means to tie with intention. Then, we will engage in exercises that help us  watch, listen, and wait for our partners and give them the opportunity to give us feedback not only through their words, but also through their body language. We’ll talk about how to use this feedback to make sure our intentions are coming across, and we will examine the process of learning how to communicate more clearly with both new and familiar tying partners. You will walk out of this class with more tools for  setting intention during scenes, and ways to work towards achieving it.

Crafting Communicative Scenes with One Rope


In this class, StabStabStab will show you how to use a single rope, two hands, and just a few simple building blocks to play with your partner, taking them through a wide range of sensations – from gentle and caressing all the way to rough and controlling. We’ll cover an uncommon (but easy to learn) double column tie, 2-3 tying patterns, and a multitude of detailed movements and techniques that can make huge differences in your ability to communicate through rope. This class is designed for all levels.




Jei has been in the rope community since 2012, traveling back and forth between Italy and Chicago. Her main wish is to help bottoms to take agency, and fully express their selves through rope bottoming. She helps facilitate Chicago Rope‘s bottom-led education track and is always trying to improve her own skills.


StabStabStab is a pansexual switch who has been obsessed with Japanese Rope Bondage since 2013. In his classes, he aims to take complex, abstract topics like “connection,” “rope handling,” and “tension,” and break them down into straightforward, concrete and learnable chunks. His goal is to impart to his students solid, safe technical foundations without losing sight of the communication that’s always occurring between top and bottom. He’s one of the founders of Second City Kinbaku and a staff instructor at Chicago Rope.