Chicago Rope

Shrimp Two Ways

September 23, 2018

Learn how to be a shrimp – or make one – this September at Chicago Rope.


Breathing in Rope

12:30-2pm (doors open at 12:00pm)

Breathing is a part of every tie, and managing breath is one of most important skills in rope bondage. In this class, Apikoros will discuss in-depth the ways we can consciously use breath to improve our scenes. You’ll walk away with more knowledge about how breath works in a range of positions, how to use breathing for connection and communication, and how rope placement and application can affect breathing patterns. This is an all-levels class. Required materials include one 8m length of bondage-grade natural fiber rope.

Shrimp Two Ways


Ebi (shrimp tie) and gyaku ebi (reverse shrimp tie) are not only two of the most iconic patterns in rope bondage; they’re also great ways to incorporate positional breath play into scenes. In this class, Chicago Rope Staff will teach variations on both patterns.

For those who will be tying, the prerequisite for this class is the ability to tie a non-collapsing single-column cuff. For those who will be tied, the prerequisites are the ability to manage breathing in difficult positions and effectively communicate about positioning and comfort. For those without experience breathing in difficult positions, we recommend attending the Breathing in Rope class prior to this one. Please bring four lengths of bondage-grade natural fiber rope.