Chicago Rope

Our Mission

Chicago Rope provides high-quality rope education while working to create a more inclusive rope community.

Our Values


We do not believe there is one right way to tie. Instead, we seek to help our students develop knowledge that empowers them to make informed decisions about the techniques they use.


We work to make rope education more accessible to members of marginalized communities and those not well-served by existing kink spaces. We recognize that race, gender, and ability all affect the experience of rope bondage in ways that are often not addressed by the rope community. We seek to shift the conversation by providing a platform for educators who draw on diverse experiences and by teaching a curriculum that is designed to directly address the concerns of all our attendees. No one is turned away from our events for a lack of funds.


We strive to be transparent about our policies and expect to be held to them. We aim to be responsive to our community’s needs. When we fall short, we seek to make things right. We welcome and respond to feedback. We encourage those who wish to have a say in how we do things to get involved as volunteers to help shape what we do.

Our Events

Monthly Classes

The original Chicago Rope event, going strong every month for over two years.  Our mixed-level monthly classes offer a diverse range of perspectives from both tops and bottoms on rope and feature Chicago Rope‘s own staff instructors as well as guest presenters from Chicago and beyond. 

Chicago Rope Dojo

The Chicago Rope Dojo is an ongoing series of regular training sessions for intermediate to advanced students. The topics covered are different each session and include technical, interpersonal, and cultural aspects of Japanese rope bondage. Like other forms of dojo training, Rope Dojo sessions build on each other but can also stand alone as individual classes.

We offer a four-class Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage Course. This weekly class is designed to get brand new beginners quickly started with using rope for play while building the toolkit to move into our intermediate-level monthly classes and The Chicago Rope Dojo

We co-host a monthly rope social with our partner  Second City Kinbaku. It’s a night to practice, to meet new friends and play partners, and to gain inspiration from others in the rope community. 


We organize weekend intensive workshops several times each year, typically with nationally or internationally renowned presenters. These events are an opportunity for a small group of students to work in-depth with a single instructor for a longer period of time.

Other Events

Look for more educational offerings from Chicago Rope in the future! We are always working to improve the quality of the education we offer and to better serve our community.