Our Staff




Apikoros is a queer switch with a penchant for rough-n-tumble play. When they tie, they prefer to keep things simple in order to focus on the conversation that’s going on and to better recognize the right response for the right moment. In teaching rope, Apikoros draws on their experience tutoring, coaching fencing, and teaching capoeira. Outside of kink, they study the intersections of queer theory, disability studies, and digital media. Apikoros is a founder and director of Chicago Rope.




Zoie is Chicago Rope‘s Volunteer Coordinator. The unsung hero of our staff, she manages our extensive volunteer program, making sure that everything runs smoothly at our events.




AshFriday is a proud professional pervert who’s taught adult sex, kink, and health education since 2012, though they’ve been in the industry even longer. They live for the places where the strange and fantastical meet practical concerns, and constantly explore how the most mundane and unexpected parts of our identities can have concrete impact on how we play. Ash attends school for psychology with a focus on gender and disability studies and (in their spare time) investigates the influence of -isms, constructive and harmful. Ash works in some of Chicago’s longest-standing kink & sex-positive spaces and has taught at a range of events from Dark Odyssey, Bound in Boston, Twisted Tryst, and Chi-Fi to various schools, stores, and private events.




Ronin is one of Chicago Rope‘s Senior Staff Instructors. He has deep roots in the Chicago community and was a co-leader of another local rope group before joining us. He enjoys creating scenes that are both physically and mentally engaging using his personal/educational background and drive for learning about topics on anatomy, sports science, and martial arts.




Stabstabstab is a pansexual switch who has been obsessed with Japanese Rope Bondage since 2013. In his classes, he aims to take complex, abstract topics like “connection,” “rope handling,” and “tension,” and break them down into straightforward, concrete and learnable chunks. His goal is to impart to his students solid, safe technical foundations without losing sight of the communication that’s always occurring between top and bottom. He’s one of the founders of Second City Kinbaku and a staff instructor at Chicago Rope.




Jei has been in the rope community since 2012, traveling back and forth between Italy and Chicago. Her main wish is to help bottoms to take agency, and fully express their selves through rope bottoming. She helps facilitate Chicago Rope‘s bottom-led education track and is always trying to improve her own skills.




ADelightfulPain is a bottom who discovered rope about three years ago. Aside from her growing love of sadistic ties and predicament bondage, she enjoys actively encouraging bottoms to find their voice. She has recently begun presenting more widely, offering her knowledge and perspectives and connecting with rope bottoms in other communities.




Kedi practices BDSM as form of embodied spirituality, using consensual power exchange to deepen awareness, connection, and intimacy. A founder of Chicago Rope, Kedi is currently on a leave of absence.